The 5th Lok Sabha elections were held in 1971, 1 year before schedule. Post Congress win in 1967, internal politics increaed within the party between Indira and Morarji Desai camps. Morarji split the party with 31 MPs out of 283 and govt. led by Congress faction of Indira  was reduced to a minority. CPI supported Indira’s govt. So Communists have had a history of bailing out Congress. Indira advanced the elections by one year and called for fresh elections in 1971. 8 national parties and 45 state parties along with independents fought for 518 seats.

Indira came back to power with a thumping majority with 352 (69) seats winning back most of the seats it lost in 1967 elections. Morrji’s party INCO was reduced to half (16 seats). Almost all opposition parties barring Communists like Jan Sangh, Swatantra Party, Socialist Party, Samyukta Socialist Party lost heavily.  CPM which was an…

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