History of Elections: 12th Lok Sabha (1998)


After Gujral govt. fell in 1998, elections were held. BJP emerged as the single largest party with 182 seats. Congress came second with 141 seats. BJP got chance to form govt. under Vajpayee. It formed a grand alliance of 14 parties with 286 seats. Prominent allies included AIADMK, Samata Party (now JDU), Biju Janata Dal, Akali Dal, Trinamool Congress, Shiv Sena, PMK, MDMK etc.

Govt. lasted only 13 months.  Jayalalitha led to the downfall of the govt.  as Vajpayee refused to dismiss DMK govt. in Tamil Nadu. She pulled the plug and Vajpayee lost trust vote by 1 vote. A Congress MP came to vote on a stretcher. Subramanium Swamy who today chants Namo Namo played a crucial role in downfall of govt. along with Sonia (who he bad mouths daily) and Jayalalitha.

7 national parties and 170 state parties fought for 543 seats. BJP gained in Karnataka and UP…

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