About the Author: NS, a friend and guide, a corporate banker is an avid political observer. He has kindly agreed to write a post for Politicalbaaba. This is his debut blogpost. So join me in welcoming a new blogging star.

One more AAP candidate withdraws!! This time against Sonia Gandhi. And the next day Arvind Kejriwal gets slapped again. A pattern seems to be emerging in the withdrawal of AAP candidates and Arvind Kejriwal getting slapped. Surprisingly, most of the withdrawals are where they were fighting the Congress biggies (Khurshid, Pilot, Sonia). And in constituencies where the division of the Muslim vote could hurt the Congress big time. And just to add, a day or two later, Arvind Kejriwal gets slapped.

One would have imagined Arvind Kejriwal would have found atleast a some time to support and campaign in support of AAP’s candidate against Salman Khurshid. Arvind, you do remember…

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