Jharkhand goes to polls next week. Final results are expected on 23rd December.

The state was swept by BJP in Lok Sabha where it won 12 / 14 seats. JMM won 2 / 14 seats. BJP has roped in AJSU and LJP in its alliance. Congress has forged an alliance with RJD and JDU. Soren’s JMM and Marandi’s JVM are the other main players.

The state has 5 divisions :
1. Palamu – RJD and JDU are traditionally strong here because of its closeness to Bihar. BJP / Congress also have presence.
2. North Chotanagpur – BJP and Congress are traditionally strong here because this belt comprises of industrial belts and towns like Bokaro, Dhanbad, Hazaribag etc.
3. South Chotanagpur – JMM and JVM have strong presence traditionally here except for Ranchi where BJP / Congress also strong.
4. Kolhan – JVM and JMM are strong here traditionally.
5. Sanghal Paragana – JVM and JMM are strong here traditionally.

Politicalbaaba predicts a clear majority for NDA in the assembly polls. People are fed up with khichdi governments and want stability. Modi mania will work to the advantage of NDA, though local factors will reduce the leads it got in Lok Sabha Polls.

NDA – 49 (23)
JMM – 13 (18)
Congress – 11 (21)
JVM – 3 (11)
Others – 5 (8)
Total – 81 (81)

Figures in brackets denote previous year election seats.