Jammu and Kashmir goes to polls next week along with Jharkhand. The fight is four cornered with NC, Congress, PDP and BJP. Local parties like Panther’s Party and Sajjad Lone’s People Conference are also in the fray.

While Kashmir has 47 seats, Jammu and Laddakh have 40 seats. NC & Congress suffering from anti incumbency. In the Lok Sabha polls BJP and PDP won 3 seats each. PDP was leading in 41 assembly seats while BJP was leading in 26.

First time BJP is in reckoning in the state and even PDP admits it. BJP strategy is to get maximum seats in Jammu / Ladakh and get a few seats in Kashmir (it has fielded a no. of Muslim candidates).

Politicalbaaba predicts a hung assembly with PDP as the single largest party. BJP will emerge as the second largest party.

PDP 35 (21)
BJP 30 (11)
NC 8 (28)
Congress 7 (17)
PC 5 (0)
Panther’s Party 2 (3)
Others 0 (7)
Total 87 (87)

Two political formations are possible after the polls.

1. PDP forms the govt with the support of Congress & People’s Conference.
2. BJP forms the govt. with the support of NC, People’s Conference and Panthers Party.