5 Reasons Why momentum is with NDA!


The first phase of Bihar polls is less than a month away. With the election commission announcement of dates, political space in Bihar has heated up. BJP has been able to finalize its seat sharing pact with partners Paswan, Kushwaha and Manjhi, after lot of issues. Janata alliance has already finalized its seat sharing pact.

BJP has  released a list of its candidates and is hence slightly ahead in preparations. Janata alliance has not yet announced candidates for first phase on 12th Oct. 2015. Both alliances are facing internal bickering over seat finalization.

Season of opinion polls. While most polls predict a tight fight, ABP News and India TV polls show Janata winning while India Today shows NDA winning. Common theme is all polls show the winner is just scraping through (<= 125 seats, 122 is required for a simple majority).

My research and on-ground feedback suggests that NDA…

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