Janata has the arithmetic in their favour. They proved in bye-polls that vote share of different parties fighting separately JDU & RJD can be aggregated.


Bihar polls have generated a lot of heat in the Indian media. Its Modi / Paswan / Kushwaha / Manjhi on one hand vs Nitish / Lalu / Sonia on the other hand. A lot is at stakes in these elections for a lot of leaders – Modi, Amit Shah, Lalu, Nitish. The outcome of the polls could shape national politics in coming years. The election campaign so far has been high pitch. Both sides have levelled allegations against each other. As election dates approach, more mudslinging is likely to be witnessed.

BJP terms Lalu-Nitish alliance as opportunistic. Lalu & Nitish charge similar allegations citing Paswan had called BJP names in his earlier avatar. “Who will win Bihar?” is a million dollar question and nobody is willing to put their neck out and give an answer.

I will try to answer this question in a series of articles (five) based…

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