Yours truly Suryakiran Tiwari (aka Politicalbaaba) and Subhash Chandra (Political Insights Consultant) covered many aspects of the union and rail budget in detail which were published in India Today Dailyo and Linkedin Pulse.

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1. Is bad loan waiver of banks another 2G scam in the making? – PB

2. 10 Wishlist of Taxpayers’ from Jaitley’s Budget – PB + SC

3. Suresh Prabhu puts Indian Railways back on track – PB + SC

4. 5 Ups & 5 Downs of Jaitley’s Budget – PB + SC

5. Budget 2016’s shift to rural India, the election perspective – SC

6. Salaried Class is the biggest loser in Jaitley’s Budget – PB

7. Mr. Modi abandons school education – SC