PBs twisty take on the top five headlines of the day.

1. Telangana: Legislators’ salaries set to double as House passes bill

Noting that economic dynamics have undergone a sea change over the years, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said the legislators have to bear costs for attending a number of meetings of the government, zilla parishad and others and on taking care of number of visitors everyday.
Just like the 400% salary hike for Kejriwal and his gang?

2. Leaders leaving Congress as they have no faith in Rahul Gandhi: BJP

Congress party could have earned reputation provided would have positively ,creatively behaved in the Parliament. However Congress party remained engaged in stalling parliament sessions , stalling important Bills & this amounts to working against public interest & against interest of the nation.

3. HC orders floor test in Uttarakhand on March 31, Centre to challenge order

Depends how constitution is interpreted. Appropriation bill when not passed on the floor of the house also means the government has no majority and it is bound to resign. But anyhow Harish Rawat will not be able to prove his majority and 10 MLA’s should undergo reelections in 6 months . Lets wait and see who can make the next government.

4. Haryana Assembly unanimously passes Jat quota bill

For vote-bank politics, good governance lost and anarchy won and rewarded. Manohar Lal may still not get Jat votes but will loose votes from other communities.

5. Reserve Bank of India tweaks upcoming lending rate rules

Banks will be under pressure with reduced NIM. Banks will resort to collecting higher `Charges’ on different types of services. Banks may catch nose other way. Improve liquidity. Only that will bring interest down. Dont play inflation fear.