Amitabh “Suryakiran” Tiwari aka Politicalbaaba is an avid political observer. He has a keen interest in national politics with an eye for news behind the news. An upcoming Indian elections researcher. He also writes on social and economic issues.

Politicalbaaba is one of the online voices (nominated by The Guardian) providing an alternative view on India and the general elections. Here is the interview with The Guardian (UK).

Politicalbaaba is a guest columnist at Hindustan Times, Niticentral and OyeTimes (Canada).

Twitter Handle: @politicalbaabaFacebook PageLinkedIn Page

Author Page at DailyO, Author Page at Niticentral; Author Page at Hindustan Times

Contact Us: politicalbaaba@gmail.com

Slogan: In India Live Indians


43 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. I lived in Ahmedabad for four months and am very pro-Modi after traveling around incredible India for a month. I have written several posts on Mr. Modi. Thought I would get that out there as there are only people who love him and others who detest him! I wish I could vote for him!


    1. Thanks Annetbell. He is a phenomenon. You either love him or hate him. There is no doubt he has done a lot of development. Real test is if his party doesn’t get majority, allies (other CMs who are jealous) wont allow him to be PM.


      1. Yes…jealousy is always a challenge. But I hope that the rest of India will see the value of this once in a lifetime leader! I am very excited about the solar project and think him very clever to start the Patel statue. PHENOMENON is perfect description! Sorry…my husband says I should be Mr. Modi’s American campaign manager! He(husband) puts his fingers in his ears! 😎


  2. Ok, I have reblogged and it is going to all my readers. Let’s see if you get more traffic. It takes awhile to gather a following. Go to the reader and click on the list of bloggers you might like due to similar topics. That click will have them as a follow for you and they will come to your site to see what your blog is like , and hopefully follow you! Keep me in the loop! Namaste. . .


      1. It is an award nomination. Look at my page , copy and paste the image and things to pass on and then nominate blogs you like, notify them of the nomination. I copy and paste the Address of the page and add it to a message on word. Then I copy and paste onto the about page of the blogs I am nominating. I hope that is clear. Let me know if it is not! I like how you are in the moment of the elections in India!


      2. well, you can renominate me, but I am sure you have other people who you can nominate. I guess you can nominate people not on word press. Would they be able to access it? When you make your list, just go back to your post where you first started and push UPDATE after you have all the names and addresses. I type something on word and include the copy and paste of the nominating page. Then type in the addresses of your nominees on the url line, copy and paste the message, then go to their ABOUT pages and paste. I hope that helps! You will do fine. You know much more about computers than I do! You can nominate as many or as few as you choose!


      3. Then just don’t do anything. Your speech was clear and lovely as well as your generous thanks to me. You work hard and have taught me a lot! Please just accept my thanks and admiration!


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