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Aug. 21, 2018: Has Raman Singh Silently Worked His Way To A Fourth Term As Chief Minister?

Aug. 28: 2018: BJP hopes to scrape through in a triangular contest

Sep. 01, 2018: Voters prefer stability over change

Sep.08, 2018: BJP recorded 3rd consecutive victory under Raman Singh’s leadership

Sep.15, 2018: Raman + Modi factor swayed voters in 2014

Sep.19, 2018: Caste rules the roost and plays a decisive role

Sep.19, 2018: Local Level Anti-Incumbency Will Determine The Outcome

Sep.24, 2018: Factors which will determine who wins 2018 (Part 1)

Sep.19, 2018:

Sep.19, 2018:

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