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28, July 2016: 5 controversies that marred Narasimha Rao’s political legacy

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Jun 02, 2016: 2019 Could End Up Looking A Lot Like 1971

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May 25, 2016Can BJP From The Government In Kerala In 2021?

24, May 2016No hope for GST Bill: Congress likely to retain Rajya Sabha majority

20, May 201610 reasons Left-Congress lost West Bengal more than Mamata won it

Apr 05, 2016: Bengal Elections Now Depend On Just One Thing: Leadership Ratings

Apr 04, 2016West Bengal: Another Bihar For BJP, Only Worse

Nov 21, 2015: Was Mohan Bhagwat’s Anti-Reservation Comment The Main Reason For BJP’s Debacle In Bihar?

Nov 10, 2015Bihar: How BJP And Allies Missed The Chemistry

Oct 16, 2015Bihar Phase 1: It Is Not What It Seems To Be

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