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29 Sep, 2020: When is it better for individuals to take a loan?

28 Sep, 2020: Why the NDA is likely to sweep Bihar polls

09 Sep, 2020: Analysing Kamath plan: what works, what doesn’t

08 Sep, 2020: Here’s why fate of BJP govts in Bihar, MP hangs in the balance

08 Sep, 2020: Will festival season revive consumption, boost economy?

03 Sep, 2020: Why frauds are increasing in Indian banks

31 Aug, 2020: Congress truce temporary; party headed for a split?

28 Aug, 2020: EC misses a golden chance to introduce Internet-based voting

25 Aug, 2020: Congress: Dissenters have won round 1, contrary to popular perception

20 Aug, 2020: Remembering Rajiv: A non-politician who quickly learnt the tricks of the trade

11 Aug, 2020: Pilot, Gandhi patch-up: Is Sachin getting a national role?

10 Aug, 2020: Has Sonia been a better Congress boss than Rahul Gandhi?

05 Aug, 2020: Will Ram Mandir construction prove to be an electoral masterstroke for BJP?

04 Aug, 2020: Why Rahul’s makeover videos are fine, but lack punch

30 July, 2020: 6 reasons why Sachin Pilot is hesitant to join the BJP

28 July, 2020: 6 reasons why Gehlot may not survive as Rajasthan CM for long

27 July, 2020: 4 reasons why young leaders are leaving the Congress

25 Jun, 2020: Is Reliance really net debt-free? Maybe not

12 May, 2020: Seven steps states can take to strengthen fiscal position amid COVID-19

07 May, 2020: Rahul shoots himself in the foot interviewing economists

06 May, 2020: COVID-19: 6 ways to manage your money better

20 Apr, 2020: Changes we can expect in the post-COVID-19 world

08 Apr, 2020: Modi’s biggest dilemma: to lift or continue the lockdown

02 Apr, 2020: Lockdown: Why Modi has support of the middle class & the rich

11 Mar, 2020: Here’s why Sachin Pilot won’t quit Congress

10 Mar, 2020: MP crisis: Gandhis, coterie to blame for Congress’s loss

24 Jan, 2020: Budget: These 4 magic pills can make everyone happy

23 Jan, 2020: Budget: 7 big challenges facing the finance minister


31 Oct, 2019: 5 reasons why Shiv Sena must be cautious in fight with BJP

25 Oct, 2019: 12 interesting findings from new Income Tax data

25 Oct, 2019: Is Fadnavis the biggest loser in the Assembly polls?

23 Sep, 2019:Maharashtra polls: The career of Raj Thackeray is practically over

11 Sep, 2019: Not just Congress, regional parties too face an existential crisis

24 July, 2019: Karnataka: Unholy alliance goes, but instability may go on

15 July, 2019: The NDA now has working majority in the Rajya Sabha

15 July, 2019: Karnataka crisis: Resignation vs disqualification

24 June, 2019: 8 poll reforms a must before ‘one nation, one poll’

24 June, 2019: Did social media really influence Lok Sabha elections 2019?

20 June, 2019: Can income tax be entirely abolished in India?

20 June, 2019: Ms Sitharaman, please fix tax slabs & rates for individuals in the Budget

28 May 2019: Why people rejected opportunistic alliances in 2019 polls

28 May, 2019: 10 myths about BJP that the 2019 polls busted

27 May, 2019: Five reasons why Rahul Gandhi is the biggest loser in 2019 elections

24 May, 2019: Eight reasons why Congress was routed in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections

24 May, 2019: Seven reasons behind BJP’s stunning victory

22 May, 2019: Why Amit Shah is India’s modern day Chanakya

22 May, 2019: Here’s why BJP is a truly national party now

19 May, 2019: Why the 7th phase of polls is critical for BJP, Congress

19 May, 2019: Five things to look out for in the 2019 Lok Sabha results

14 Mar, 2019: Three factors that will decide who wins 2019 Lok Sabha elections

11 Feb, 2019: Problem of plenty for Mahagathbandhan in Bihar, will it go the UP way?


10 June 2016Is BJP beginning to abandon the Middle Class?

09, June 2016: Why Muslim voters will desert Mulayam in favor of Mayawati in UP

31 May 2016PSU Bank Losses – Tax Payers to the rescue again?

1 August 2016The real story behind Exit Poll results

14 May 2016The close Leadership contest in Tamil Nadu

12 May 2016Interesting Findings from Income Tax Data

26 April 2016Can Prashant Kishor Deliver UP and Punjab to the Congress party?

11 April 2016Can Muslims stop BJP juggernaut in Assam?

11 January 2016: Spare the common man, Mr. Jaitley!

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