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Rashtriya Lok Dal


Rashtriya Lok Dal presided by Ajit Singh is a regional political party with presence in Uttar Pradesh. Ajit is the son of former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh and is carrying the legacy of Lok Dal. He is currently a Cabinet Minister and has good command over jat vote bank in Western UP. RLD has had alliances with every party in the past (2004 – Samajwadi Party, 2009 – BJP, now Congress) highlighting its ideological bankruptcy and hunger for power. The recent Muzaffarnagar riots have angered jats and they are veering towards BJP as per news reports. Recently, Amar Singh and Jaya Pravda joined the party. It currently has 5 MPs in the Lok Sabha, its best performance to date.

Election Symbol

Prospects in 2014 Elections

Party is expected to have a tie up with Congress and will pay the price for Congress govt.’s misrule in the last 10 years. It is definitely bound to lose seats and may get at the max 2 seats as per Politicalbaaba estimates.


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