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Aug. 16, 2018: While Congress is hoping for a gharwapsi, BJP hopes to make it another Gujarat

Aug. 23, 2018: Its Mama vs Rajas

Aug. 30, 2018: Janata Party halted Congress winning streak, BJP made Madhya Pradesh its citadel

Sep. 05, 2018: Battleground MP (4): Shivraj + Modi Factor Leads BJP to 3rd Consecutive Victory in 2013

Sep. 11, 2018: Battleground MP (5): BJP swept the state in Presidential style elections in 2014

Sep. 13, 2018: Social Engineering to play an important role

Sep. 17, 2018: SC-ST Voters could play the role of kingmaker

Sep. 20, 2018: Why Congress needs an elephant ride to

Sep. 24, 2018: Apart From Turnout On Voting Day, Keep An Eye On NOTA

Sep. 27, 2018: Factors which will determine who wins 

Sep. 28, 2018: Digvijay Singh May Still Change the Game – But How?

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