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Jharkhand, a relatively new state created in 2000, is known to have unstable state governments. It sends 14 MPs to Lok Sabha (2.5%). Along with Bihar it plays an important role in govt. formation. National parties Congress and BJP along with regional party Jharkhand Multi Morcha (JMM) are the key players. Legacy issues (as Jharkhand was part of Bihar) have also led to JDU and RJD (Bihar regional parties) have a presence in the state. JMM has split several times and there are various offshoots of the party. BJP also has split in the state with popular leader Babulal Marandi forming his own party Jharkhand Vikas Morcha (JVM).

Recently, JMM has formed government in the state in alliance with the Congress and entered into a tie up with Congress for the LS polls.

Parties 2004 2009
Congress 6 1
BJP 1 8
JMM 4 2
RJD 2 0
Others 1 3
Total 14 14

Source: Statistical Reports, Election Commission of India


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