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Aug 06: Congress strategy of cementing state-level alliances could dent Rahul Gandhi’s chances of becoming prime minister (FirstPost)

July 17 – Video: Prime Time Debate : Congress Is A Muslim Party (Bloomberg Quint)

July 17: Is Polarisation A Pet Theme In The Run-Up To 2019 Elections? (Bloomberg Quint)

July 17: India 2019 Election Predictions Update (Crowdwisdom)

June 28: Its high time BJP starts to worry about the growing urban apathy (Bloomberg Quint)

June 26: Mayawati forms strategy to revitalize party but significant challenges remain (Swarajya)

June 12 – Video: Prime Time Debate: Rahul Gandhi’s ‘shikanji’ gaffe (Bloomberg Quint)

June 05: 2019 Elections & BJP’s chances (Blog)

Apr 17: Rajasthan By-Poll Results suggest 2019 not a cake walk for BJP (Quint)

Apr 15: Modi Versus The Rest: Why An Opposition Grand Alliance Will Provide Modi The Narrative For 2019 (Swarajya)

Apr 03: With UP Rajya Sabha Win, BJP May Have Pushed SP, BSP Closer (Quint)

Mar 29, 2018:Third Front talks are fine, but it’s Congress which must beat BJP in its den to oust Narendra Modi in 2019 (FirstPost)

Mar 28: Rahul Can’t Serve Old Wine in New Bottle (Quint)

Mar 26: Rahul Gandhi and Congress apart, triple anti-incumbency looms as major threat to Narendra Modi’s return in 2019 (FirstPost)

Mar 18: After Rajasthan, UP-Bihar By-Polls Suggest ‘Game Abhi Baaki Hai’ in 2019 (Quint)

Mar 01: BJP Should Keep Allies in Good Humour as Regional Parties May Have the Last Laugh in 2019 (Quint)

Apr 03: Congress Will Be the Biggest Loser in Mamata’s ‘Formula’ for 2019 (Quint)

Mar 14:UP-Bihar Bypolls Point to Potential ‘Grand Alliance’ Against BJP (Quint)

Feb 15: BJP, Hold Onto Allies – Regional Parties Will Call Shots in 2019 (Quint)

Feb 01: Rajasthan Bypolls: ‘Double Anti-Incumbency’ at Play Against BJP (Quint)

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